Who Else Wants a Serious Internet Business? – If So, You Need Search Engine Optimization Tips!

For those of you who want a serious internet business, which will generate predictable income for you and your family, it is essential you consider many different elements of online marketing. One of the most important elements, without a doubt, is search engine optimization or SEO.So for all you beginners who are in need of a search engine optimization tip or two this article is a must read.It doesn’t matter how good a website you create, how good a product you have or how well your site converts, if you do not have traffic you are dead. Traffic is the life blood of the internet and 80% of an online marketer’s attention must be given to this aspect of the internet marketing game.Short of typing in a website’s URL the only way potential customers can find your online business is through search engines responding to keyword queries. A customer seeking information, types a keyword/s into Google’s search box. Google then presents a results page with about 10 articles, websites or blogs for you to peruse. You choose one and click on a link which delivers you to their respective URLs.How did those businesses and articles get on the first page? And most importantly, what makes them so special? Well it is because Google thinks highly of them and Google thinks highly of them because of SEO!The minute you publish your website to the web and start working on it, Google, Yahoo, Msn and other search engines soon discover it. Google has a bot or spider which crawls the web and eventually your site is located and the spider begins to sift through your web pages. The Google algorhythm is programmed to look for certain things on your site and then rate them. Only Google knows for sure how this is done. But what you will know is that Google may or may not give you a ranking.To not get ranked on Google means a slow miserable death online because you will not be receiving traffic, unless of course you want to pay for it. If you are a novice and know nothing about the Google AdWords game, well good luck, you will be swimming with the sharks.Never forget that Google’s primary purpose is to deliver high quality content in response to keyword queries. If Google quit doing this, Google would cease to exist as we know it because people would abandon them and look elsewhere for their information.So when Google presents your website on their first page, it is because your content is first page material. Google knows your content is the closest and highest quality match for whatever keyword was typed into it’s search box. Plus Google now trusts you and is giving you credibility.To get ranked by Google you either have to pay for the privilege by using Google AdWords or you can attempt to get ranked for free. The paid method is called Search Engine marketing or SEM and the free method is SEO.Either way, the nuts and bolts of SEO and SEM is intricately tied to keywords and how to use them to get noticed by search engines.In SEM or the paid method, You bid on keywords and the highest bidder gets the highest rankings.In the free method or SEO, you employ keywords strategically on your site and create high quality content to attract Google. The process is technical and beyond the scope of this article but easily learnable. This is the onsite aspect of SEO.But more importantly you use keywords in SEO to attract other webmasters and get them to link to your site. The more links you have the greater credibility you will have with Google. This is the offsite aspect of SEO.Getting other webmasters to link to your site can be as easy as asking them to do so and reciprocating in kind. Or as difficult as writing articles in article directories and having your articles picked up by other websites with your link on them. Successful webmasters generally adopt both strategies.But even offsite SEO requires attention to the issue of keywords as well.But keep this in mind: if you want to have a serious internet business then you must learn the search engine optimization game. At first it might appear daunting but I assure you if I can learn it anybody can. And with a little time and effort you too can take these search engine optimization tips and begin to prosper!

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